Solutions & Innovation

We pride ourselves in taking seriously both the science of sound and the acoustic character of imperfect real-world environments.  Finding the right balance between the two for each specific application has defined our way forward and we believe it is the only uncompromising way to go. Learn more about how we engage research and science in developing and implementing audio solutions from the cases presented below:


Sonductor is a new english word to describe a room, which is made to improve the sound of a loudspeaker. Son is the latin word for sound and duct is the latin word for leading. Sonductor thus means a room, that is leading the loudspeaker sound towards the listener in the best possible way. Read more

PUK Studio

Among the largest projects to date – designing Puk recording studio in Randers, Denmark –  confronted Ole with a number of dillemas. He tells in more detail how he came about resolving each one of them often contesting established practices. The studio was later to host artists such as Elton John, Depeche Mode, Gary Moore, George Michael, The Kinks. To read more download the article.

24 bit wireless amplifier

The DSPA70 wireless amplifier module is based on the IP of Texas Instruments Pure Path Wireless. It has been proven itself very robust in 3 years of testing in rooms with many other WiFi transmitters. Read more

The Advantages Using Waveguides

Ole Lund Christensen points out the advantages in using waveguides in Hi-Fi loudspeakers. Click to download the paper